The Crusader 3″ Professional Softener

Commercial Water Softener

Suitable for applications up to 2,100,000 grains of hardness reduction capacity at peak flow rates of up to 270 gpm per tank.

Made with high quality, FDA-certified, commercial-grade strong acid hybrid (cation) Functional Matrix Resin. Protected with a built in ProGuard reservoir.

Durable & Efficient

The Crusader 3″ Professional Softener is made in the USA with high quality components. These softeners are built with efficiency in mind and utilize cutting-edge technology to maximize energy efficiency and reduce salt consumption.

Eco-friendly Design

This system uses cutting-edge technology to calculate when regeneration is needed based off of the user’s water usage

Field-Upgradeable Software

This softener’s software can keep easily updated in the field, which saves you time, money, and frustration

Quality You Can Trust

We have rigorous quality control standards that we adhere to when building all of our products

High Quality Media

AquaPro 500-2 Hybrid Media is a high quality, durable, and FDA Certified strong acid hybrid Functional Matrix Resin

Easily Network Systems

This softener has the capability to be easily networked with up to four other softeners

Protected By ProGuard

ProGuard Cleans, Disinfects, and Protects Your Water Softener to keep it working at optimal efficiency

3″ Pro System Models & Specifications

Maximum Piping Size: 3″

Water Temperature: 40 – 80°F

Water Pressure: 40 – 80 psi