Crusader MM-OX Filter

Problem Water Treatment System

Removes iron, manganese, & hydrogen sulfide in water at flow rates up to 20 gpm.

The Crusader Multimedia Oxidizing Filter incorporates proprietary filtration media and is capable of removing iron, manganese, & hydrogen sulfide in water.

Effective Multimedia Oxidizing Filtration

Water can contain Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). Soluble iron and manganese are oxidized and precipitated by contact with higher oxides of manganese on the proprietary blend of oxidation media. Hydrogen Sulfide is oxidized into an insoluble sulfur precipitate. Precipitates are filtered, retained, and then removed by vigorous back-washing. When the oxidizing capacity of the media is exhausted, the system has to be regenerated and sparged with ambient air, which makes it envirnmentally friendly.

Proprietary Media

The media is specially formulated using a lightweight, synthetic granular core, which is coated with manganese dioxide. The proprietary media acts through both oxidation & physical filtration. The filtration system also includes a food-grade, FDA-approved gravel under-bedding to ensure uniform flow and consistent performance.

High Quality Media Tank

All models feature a non-corrosive fiberglass tank with a one-piece thermoplastic inner liner. The tank has a maximum working pressure of 90 psi and a working temperature up to 120°F. The tank is approved by NSF, UL, and the FDA. It also meets WQA Standard S-100, and all fiberglass tanks carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Energy Efficient

Regeneration of the system is initiated by a simplified electronic control timer, which electronically meters water flow to the home and makes decisions to regenerate based on water consumption and program settings.

Quality You Can Trust

We have rigorous quality control standards that we adhere to when building all of our products

Easily Combine Systems

This water system has the capability to be used in sequence with other water treatment technologies

System Models & Specifications