Crusader Multimedia Sediment Filter

Problem Water Treatment System

Effectively reduces select contaminants and is custom engineered based on the results of a comprehensive water analysis

The Crusader multimedia sediment filter incorporates proprietary blends of filtration media to ensure effective reduction of select contaminants.

Effective & Reliable Sediment Filtration

These filters are custom engineered and built to order based on the results of a comprehensive water analysis. This filter is a true multimedia depth filter that incorporates two or more types of media and gravel underbedding. Multi-media filtration is a proven design concept; the coarse media layers in the top of the tank trap large particulates and successively smaller particles are trapped in the finer layers of media deeper in the bed. Reduction takes place throughout the entire bed instead of the top layer as is the norm in traditional sediment filters. Multi-media depth filters typically remove particulates in the 5 – 100 micron range – depending on the specified engineered design. Correct layering and media selection is critical. All media are selected according to particle size and density so the media is able to self-classify during backwash.

Proprietary Media

The proprietary blend of mechanical filtration media could include Filter Aggregate, Anthracite, Filter Sand, KDF-55, KDF-85, Calcite, Garnet, NextSand, and a food-grade gravel under bedding to ensure uniform flow, minimum pressure drop, and uniform performance. Each filter is engineered specifically for your project

High Quality Media Tank

All models feature a non-corrosive fiberglass tank with a one-piece thermoplastic inner liner. The tank has a maximum working pressure of 90 psi and a working temperature up to 120°F. The tank is approved by NSF, UL, and the FDA. It also meets WQA Standard S-100, and all fiberglass tanks carry a limited lifetime warranty

Energy Efficient

Regeneration of the system is initiated by a simplified electronic control timer, which electronically meters water flow to the home and makes decisions to regenerate based on water consumption and program settings.

Quality You Can Trust

We have rigorous quality control standards that we adhere to when building all of our products

Easily Combine Systems

This water system has the capability to be used in sequence with other water treatment technologies

System Models & Specifications